Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stuff We Should Make: Rise of The Wireless Wristwatch In 2013

Over the next few months, the tech world is going to be all abuzz over the beta release of the Google Glass prototype.  While the glasses-looking headset that give you hands-free access to the internet is truly exciting and potentially world-changing in the long run, if you're more interested in technology that has a more immediate chance of being part of day-to-day life, my money's on a wristwatch prototype made by an American start-up.

The Pebble- designed by Pebble Technology and co-founded by Eric Migicovsky of Silicon Valley, who happens to be all of 25 years old- is billed as "the first watch built for the 21st century".  The wristwatch serves as a bluetooth wireless extension for your iPhone or Android, designed to not just show the time, but access your smartphone's apps for things like music selection, GPS, and text messaging.  This is especially handy for us joggers and cyclists who really can't stand having to buy cumbersome arm straps and gloves in order to keep our phone on us.  The Pebble is also water-resistant and has a battery that lasts over a week, and may soon feature a "golf rangefinder" app as well (for when you can't find an area over six thousand yards wide, I guess).

Pebble Technology is a Kickstarter success story, with Eric and two other founders seeking $100,000 on the internet fundraising site and instead raising over $10 million as of August 2012, as reported in Huffington Post.  While there's always room for improvement (I'm a little wary of thick block frames but maybe that's just me) this is the kind of product that can easily integrate into an average American lifestyle yet, at least a little easier than Google's billon-dollar effort to turn us all into Xur from "The Last Starfighter".

And we all know what happened to that guy....

Donal Thoms-Cappello is a freelance writer for Rotor Clip Company

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