Monday, December 7, 2015

Power Out of Thin Air

Get ready to never lag around a power cord ever again.

While the design of how to do it has technically been around for quite sometime now (since Tesla), two-year start-up, Energous, has claimed to crack the code of wireless power charging. If their model sustains itself in real-world applications, phones, laptops, and any other devices will be power-charged via wireless routers from now on.

The solution was counter-intuitive but simple: make charging less powerful, but steadier. A typical 5 watt outlet will charge your battery faster but at the price of limited mobility. A 2 watt charge coming from Energous' wireless routers, however, will "trickle-charge" a battery from up to 15 feet away without a charging pad or the need to plug in to a traditional outlet.
New technology offers wireless charging of devices.

The Energous wireless router (named "WattUp") is capabale of charging a number of battery powered devices including cell phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, headsets, sensors, LED lights, remote controls and toys. Each device must contain a WattUp receiver that converts the signal from the router into battery power. Up to 12 devices can be managed by the system simultaneously.

The devices can be charged even if they are in motion, like when someone walks around a room while talking on a cell phone. According to the company, the WattUp technology gives the user "the ability to make low battery anxiety a thing of the past."

So if you've ever been exasperated by a dropped call or a lost document due to a drained battery, take heart. You can rely on this new technology to save the day (and your data) as easily as breathing the air around you. 

Donal Thoms-Cappello is a freelance writer for Rotor Clip Company.