Friday, November 14, 2014

TruWave Wave Springs Make Everyone Pretty

Aesthetic work stations use dynamic pulse control technology to deliver a range of safe and professional applications for the growing aesthetic and anti-aging markets. Thermoelectric skin cooling, precise optical filtering, and unique energy pulsing offers high treatment efficacy while maximizing patient safety and comfort. The operator uses a handheld instrument, which is wire connected to the work station and locked with a bayonet quick connector. The quick connector allows the user to switch the handheld instrument within seconds. In that way, one work station can be used with different handheld instruments, offering different functions, which include the following:
·         Hair removal & hair reduction
·         Removal of benign pigmented epidermal & cutaneous lesions
·         Removal of vascular & pigmented lesions
·         Inflammatory acne removal

The bayonet quick connector allows for a quick and comfortable change of the handheld instrument (with different functions for the above described treatments) without specific tooling and training for the operator.

To ensure the connection and disconnection can be processed easily, the tolerances of the male and female component of the bayonet connector are manufactured with a loose fit. 
This loose fit, however, causes the connection to become relatively ‘shaky’, which decreases precise handling of the handheld. In addition to the ‘shaky’ connection problem, it makes the product look cheap in quality. 

To remove axial and radial play between the male and female component, a rubber O-ring was assembled. During the locking process, the rubber O-ring compresses, enabling the male and female component to become pre-loaded against each other. However, there is a major problem that emerges: after several changes of the handheld, it causes a decrease in load and permanent deformation of the O-ring.

Because of that, the rubber O-ring was replaced by a RotorClip TruWave single turn, flat wire, wave spring, which delivers an accurate force after every change of the handheld. The TruWave wave spring provides a force, which allows all operators to change the handhelds without too much expenditure of energy and without tooling. In comparison to the rubber O-ring, the TruWave wave spring does not lose its force because of deformation after a specific time.

Dipl.-Ing. Elmar Kampmann is Technical Sales Manager, Global Wave Spring Engineer, for Rotor Clip Company (