Rotor Clip Presents: Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight:
Rotor clip recognizes the achievements and volunteerism that our employees contribute to not only our company, but also our communities.

Wally Berliner with his Commendation Award
            We recently learned about one of
 our employees who volunteers at the New Jersey Veteran’s Memorial Home at Menlo Park. His name is Wally Berliner of Edison, New Jersey, and he has been a devoted employee here at Rotor Clip for almost 25 years. After hearing about his volunteerism, we asked Wally for an interview and he enthusiastically obliged.

Wally started volunteering at the Veteran’s home in April 2003. He told us that he was inspired to volunteer because of his fervent admiration for our veterans who sacrificed their lives during World War II, and in his own words, “saved the world.” He is a World War II aficionado, with historical pictures adorning his cubicle, as well as subscription to a World War II magazine.

In November 2006, Wally began collecting turkeys from Rotor Clip employees who wanted to donate their company-bought Thanksgiving turkeys to the Veteran’s home in Menlo Park. When we asked what inspired him to donate, he told us that after his divorce in 2005, a whole turkey was too much for him to finish on his own on Thanksgiving. Instead, he decided to donate it to the Veteran’s home. He said the turkey drive at Rotor Clip became a huge success, with donations ranging from 15 to 30 turkeys each year.  Wally also received a commendation letter from the CEO of the Veteran’s home and the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs.     

It’s gratifying to see that Thanksgiving Day falls between Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day each year because our veterans are also something to be thankful for. Wally serves as a reminder of how much we should value our veterans, especially the generation that fought during World War II. 

Happy Holidays!

Written by: Augusto Gebel

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