Monday, June 11, 2012


Two wheel vehicle resists flipping over in case of an accident
For those of us who never considered the motorcycle as a budget alternative due to its unique characteristic of not being very “accident-friendly,” the day may have come where we can enjoy an efficient, two-wheel vehicle while still feeling safe.

Lit Motors, located in the Bay Area, is billing their motorcycle-car hybrid- the C-1- as a “rolling smartphone”, not only because of its innovative navigation systems, but also because it has a built-in gyroscopic stabilizing system designed to prevent the C-1 from tipping over, even in some collisions.

In addition to gyroscopic sensors, the C-1 is also equipped with all the latest “smartphone” software now being integrated into automotive vehicles like GPS traffic updates, real-time weather tracking, as well as H2V, H2C, and V2V connectivity. V2V especially gives the C-1 the ability to predict if a road situation may lead to an accident, and how the driver can avoid it.  And those sweet glowing hubs?  Not just for show, they’re the vehicle’s power source; in-wheel electric motors.

Although finally making the jump from preliminary design to prototype, Lit Motors is keeping further details of the C-1 under wraps until it makes its showroom debut in 2014.  You can catch a sneak peak of the C-1 in action, however, on a released promo ad here.

Donal Thoms-Cappello is a freelance writer for Rotor Clip Company.

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